AT&T Partners with eMusic to Allow Customers to Preview and Purchase Music

emusicatt.jpgToday AT&T announced the launch of an over-the-air music download service with eMusic, the largest retailer of independent music. This new service will AT&T subscribers the ability to preview and purchase music via their mobile handsets from a catalog of 2.7 million songs. This new service, which is par of the AT&T Mobile Music Platform, is among the nation’s largest wireless music catalogs.

Songs purchased from eMusic Mobile are immediately sent to the user’s wireless handset, while a duplicate copy is available for download to the user’s PC at no additional charge. AT&T customers can subscribe to download five tracks a month for $7.49, while additional packages of songs are available for the same price.

“eMusic Mobile is not your typical over-the-air service,” said Mark Collins, vice president of Consumer Data Services for AT&T’s wireless unit. “This service, which is as unique as the independent artists found in the eMusic catalog, differentiates itself from the competition through its ease of use, subscription pricing model and the ability to play these tracks in any MP3 player.”

The eMusic Mobile service will be available on select AT&T music devices, with future models added in the future. These phones include the Samsung a717, a727 and the Nokia N75, as well as the new version of the Samsung SYNC.