Three NV Series Samsung Cameras Announced


Today Samsung introduced three new additions to the NV series of point and shoot digital cameras. The NV8 (8-megapixel), NV15 (10-megapixel) and NV20 (12-megapixel) all feature premium Schneider optics with 3x optical zoom, 2.5-inch LCDs, shake reduction, auto contrast balance, face detection up to nine mugs and 14 scene modes. You can also record VGA movies at 30fps. The image noise reduction feature should come in handy considering each camera boasts the ability to shoot at ISO 3200. Each NV has 20MB of internal memory and an external SDHC/SD card slot. The hottest feature of all is…

Samsung’s Smart Touch UI joins the ‘touch’ fray by allowing users to navigate through all the crud by swiping your finger across the control buttons around the LCD.
NV20’s backside


NV15’s rump

The NV20 and NV15 are slated for a fall launch retailing for $399 and $299 respectively. The NV8 has no street date or price.

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