Sony's XAV-W1 SACD Player: In-Car 5.1 Sound


Outside of a niche of audiophile snobs, Super Audio CD is relatively obscure. Even though few people know about the format and even fewer actively use it, Sony will roll out the XAV-W1, its first in-car SACD player… ever! It’s fully compatible with 5.1 sound systems and has a 7.1-inch WVGA screen, further future proofed with its compatibility with satellite radio, HD Radio and iPod controls. You’ll be able to view movies on the 7.1-inch screen, so don’t think it’s there just for show.

Like most after market radios, the XAV-W1 supports MP3 and WMA files. Unlike most after market players, however, this one is a little on the expensive side, retailing for $800 when it comes out in August. What is it with Sony and charging outlandishly high prices for its wares? In no way would I pay $600 to play a FPS and in no way am I prepared to pay $200 more just to listen to the rather limited SACD catalog.

Press Release [Sony via Akihabara News]