Sony PS3 Goes Rockstar


I believe I’m on the verge of taking back every bad thing I said about the PS3 with news that Sony has signed an exclusive deal with Rockstar Games for the ‘next great franchise’. This is very exciting news, but let’s face facts for a moment. Any game that is developed for the PS3 from the ground up is going to be amazing. It will utilize all the amazing capabilities that we’ve heard about, but it’s still a long time away from now. If I were in the market for new console I really wouldn’t bother looking at the PS3 because of the lack of content and I’m not going to wait around another year to see what happens.

According to Gaming Target, the Wii has 113 exclusive titles while the Xbox 360 has 96 and the PS3 comes in at 47. It’s no surprise that the figures reflect the current state of popularity either. Also worth noting is that the PS3 does not have one game in the top 10 as reported by the NPD Group. The Nintendo Wii holds four, the DS holds two, the Xbox 360 boasts three and the PS2 has one. I just don’t understand why Sony would think it could compete in the current state it is in. Sony could really use a Red Bull right now.

Sony Inks Exclusive Rockstar Deal for PlayStation 3 [News Factor]