Customize Your Streaming Content With Buzzwire

buzzwire.jpgToday Buzzwire, Inc. (formerly 4th Media) announced that its streaming mobile media service is available as a public beta. This upcoming service will let users create their own customized program lineup and access it on their mobile phones. A formal launch with select carriers is scheduled for the fall of 2007.

“Consumers are living mobile lifestyles and should have their media readily accessible on-the-go, whenever they want it. There is an amazing world of audio and video content available on the Web, and consumers can’t make sense of how to get it while mobile,” said Andrew MacFarlane, CEO of Buzzwire . “Now Buzzwire will provide a place where consumers can find, add and share audio and video feeds, including their own – with instant, hassle-free access on their mobile phones.”

The service will let users create custom playlists via a Web and mobile interface, which does require a client download. The initial library of about 5,000 media sources includes more than 2,000 audio clips with daily news, sports updates and other factoid, along with 1,000 video clips and access to 1,700 live radio stations from around the world. Buzzwire is backed by Matrix Partners and Spark Capital, and during the beta preview the service will be available directly to consumers.