Blu-ray Gets Naughty In Japan


Many have said that the porn industry could be the deciding factor yet again in the format wars and this seems to ring true. While the US porn industry has adopted HD DVD with open arms, the Japanese porn industry is canoodling with Blu-ray and it’s about to get sticky. Sony may go on record and denounce pornography altogether, but they’ve found a loophole so as not to piss off any major studios like Disney who back Blu-ray. A Sony spokeswoman stated that the company is offering technical support to film makers regardless of what industry they are in. The biggest issue having been the lack of companies to stamp BD discs has been resolved thanks to a Taiwanese company who will begin mass producing discs next month and then sending them back to Japan.

The porn industry is taking into account that over 4 million PS3s have been sold worldwide and that those owners are potential porn addicts. If I were Toshiba I’d start hounding those porn studios who promised to release titles in HD DVD this year. Blu-ray is close to a money shot, so watch out!

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