Your Phone Is NOT Killing You Says Study

phone.jpgUsing that mobile handset is not an early ticket to the grave! Whew! That’s good news for power talkers like me. A new report from the University of Essex suggests that mobile phone transmissions cause no immediate health problems.

Wait… no “immediate.” So should I worry? Well, for every study that says this stuff is bad, there is going to be a study that says it isn’t bad. But anyway, the U of Essex study took 44 people who were “sensitive” to mobile technology (how you find people who are sensitive I don’t know), and compared them to a control group of 114 people. The study found that only two of the 44 noticed a different when exposed to phones. Of course this only focused on short-term exposure and short-term effects. Well, I guess I could worry… but I could also worry about getting hit by a bus (and I live in New York where there are in fact a lot of buses).

[Via TG Daily]