Impact Unlimited Takes The Boring Out Of Trade Shows, Conventions

If you’ve ever been to a trade show or a convention, you probably noticed that the main way vendors try to get your attention is with giant signs, hot women and swag. These are all things I’m not opposed to, but with everyone doing the same thing, it’s hard to get noticed. Impact Unlimited specializes in giving companies an edge out on the floor using a host of unique technologies. And with CES 2008 about five months away, there are a few of their tricks I wouldn’t mind seeing on the floor of the LVCC.

The video above for example shows their gesture control interactivity that uses a small camera to sense different hand movements letting visitors rifle through content (like all of Samsung’s DLP TVs and their features for instance) and have a little fun while they do it. And though it’s tough to see, the woman giving this demo isn’t touching the screen at all.

This is a demo of the company’s dimensional projection. It’s a technology you may have seen years ago on a trip to Disney World, however Impact Unlimited juiced it up a bit to use for events. It’s basically video projection on a contoured surface, in this case to show internal medical images of a female torso. But maybe you wouldn’t mind watching the outside of a digital camera or A/V receiver fade away to reveal the inner workings.

Impact Unlimited