Alltel Adds 'mywaves' Mobile Video Service

chadAlltel Wireless, which is now known to follow its name with the phrase "America’s largest network," announced yesterday the ability to access mywaves mobile video service on several of its phones (take that, YouTube!) and damn it all if it didn’t slip right by the CrunchGear news desk.

The service is $3.99 per month and, oh yeah, why should you care? Well, mywaves has more than 100,000 channels with more than 1 million users adding daily to the selection. And while you can access videos if you’re on Cingular, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, and various Canadian carriers, the BREW experience was, let’s say, less than video-rific. So, mywaves developed a better BREW app for Alltel customers to use.

There’s a mishmash of videos available for all mywaves users, regardless of platform. Some are uploaded by regular users and others come from Comedy Central, CNN, MTV, VH1 and so forth. Also, should you choose to do so, mywaves lets you embed a player on your MySpace page (or any other Website, for that matter) to display your own customized video channels.

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