Nintendo's Profits Triple on Wii, DS Sales

The implication here is that Nintendo is rolling in money

As if we really needed Reuters to tell us this, but Nintendo, that small Japanese startup, is making lotsss of money as a result of the Wii and DS. Its quarterly profit—look at me use that phrase like I know what it means—more than tripled. So for all the haters out there, know that for however many message board threads you make entitled “Why the Wii Sucks: An In-Depth Analysis,” your words mean absolutely nothing. This includes our own bossman John.

In a nutshell, Nintendo’s decision to target Grandma Oldlady paid off; Sony’s decision to target guys who read Sound and Vision magazine… yeah, not so much. Good luck, though.

Play what makes you happy, I say.

Nintendo lifts forecast after Q1 triples on Wii, DS [Reuters]