New Forum Site To Gossip About Work

I’m just going to touch on Wurkpal briefly. It’s a very simple forum site that is designed specifically for people to gossip/complain/etc. about their work environment anonymously. The site takes a guess as to where you are logging in from based on a reverse hostname lookup and tries to direct you to the correct company forum. You can also view the directory and go from there. The site badly needs a search function and the ability to add new companies.

We’ve covered a few companies that are roughly in this space – see BossBitching, and JobVent. For entrepreneurs who want to rip into venture capitalists that have turned them down, TheFunded is always entertaining. None of these hold a candle to what FuckedCompany was back in the day, but it’ll take a major downturn before that type of site can see the glory days again.

Wurkpal is based in San Jose and says they’ve received angel funding.