UnWired Buyer Let’s You Do the Talking

unwiredbuyer.jpgAs a self-confessed eBay junkie, being in front of the PC in those final seconds is crucial to my well being. There are snipe programs, and I can monitor the auctions on my mobile handset or Blackberry. But the problem is that the interface in many of these devices is just too slow for those times when I need to quickly enter a last minute (second) bid. I find myself yelling at the phone… but with UnWired Buyer from UnWired Nation the phone might just listen.

This new technology lets online publishers, marketers and anyone else make the content voice-enabled, allowing people like me to receive and interact with it via voice. And eBay is a current customer, and the Unwired Nation voice enables the last three minutes of auctions via the “Call Me” link. This way users can complete the bidding, and get progress via the phone using their voice.

The company plans to bring out Unwired Nation to other applications. But for me the ability to increase my eBay bids from my mobile phone is a dream come true (and probably a nightmare for my wife or whoever happens to be with me… “excuse me I need to bid on something!”).

UnWired Buyer