WD'S GreenPower Hard Drives Can Save You $100,000 Annually

gpdrive.jpgThat is, of course, if you owned and operated a data center with 10,000 of the drives. But even if you don’t, the GreenPower family of drives cut the amount of power needed significantly. According to Western Digital a typical 1TB drive uses 13.5 watts while the GP hard drives cut that by more than 5 watts, so nearly half the power.

You’ll be able to buy a WD Caviar GP 1TB hard drive this month inside WD’s My Book external storage devices (a great place to have something that saves power since you typically leave these on all the time). More versions for desktops, entertainment and network applications will follow in August. Those looking for a low-power drive for notebooks, the company’s Scorpio drives are already available. Read more about the GreenPower drives.