Time Warner Cable Using Wrong Power Supplies To Throttle Service?

So I just got off the phone with Time Warner cable. I’ve had their standard Wireless Road Runner service for four months now. During that time, our wireless broadcast has gone out for absolutely no reason numerous times (it has already gone out three times today alone). The only way to get it going again would be to call tech support and have them restart the signal. Not only that, but even though my download speed is supposed to be capped in the 10Mbps range, I would be lucky to get 40Kbps some days. Loading Google could take 5 minutes on a bad day.

Well, I finally got a competent guy on the phone today who informed us that: Oops! It turns out that the power supply that came with the Time Warner-issued router is actually pumping out the wrong voltage. The router needs a 10V plug, and they had given me a 12V one. The on-phone technician attributed my outages and slow service to this screw up. Had I not called about a hundred times, I would still be paying for a fast service I’m not getting.

So, if there are any other TW Cable Wireless Road Runner subscribers out there, check the voltage on your router’s plug. I’m curious if anybody else was issued one with the wrong voltage, and if this is perhaps a system-wide way of intentionally throttling service.