Kingston's Speedy 4GB miniSDHC Card, eMusic Partnership

minisdhc6_top_4gb.jpgKingston made two announcements today. The first is the availability of a 4GB miniSDHC card that can be picked up with different speed ratings. The best of these is the Class 6 card with a minimum sustained data transfer rate of 6MB per second, which if it holds true would be nice to have in your cell phone or other mobile device. I have an older Kingston miniSD card in my phone and transferring anything to it is painfully slow. Unfortunately, my phone doesn’t support miniSDHC, so make sure your device does before you run out and pick one of these up. The 4GB Class 6 miniSDHC will sell for $66, the Class 4 for $64 and Class 2 for $62.

The other announcement was about the availability of a $19.99 eMusic edition of the company’s 1GB microSD card that includes a USB reader and comes preloaded with 10 songs and an eMusic trial subscription for 50 additional free MP3 music tracks. (That’s 25 more free songs than the regular trial subscription.)

Kingston Technology