Helios H2000 Upscaling DVD Player: 1080i, Works With XviD


Still put off by the so-called high-def optical disc format war? For $99 come August, you’ll be able to grab the Helios H2000 upscaling DVD player. It connects to your HDTV via an HDMI or component connection and upscales video to 1080i from any number of sources, including Divx and XviD. No, it’s not as satisfying as a fully featured HD DVD or Blu-ray player, but if you’re still into regular DVDs it’ll get the job done.

Its design reminds me of the PS2slim (what I have) and that’s not all that bad. Being that it works with most of the formats available out there, I could definitely see the H2000 gaining traction among the Pirate Bay crowd. You could do a lot worse for $99, that’s for sure. So go ahead, let the HD DVD and Blu-ray camps scream bloody murder while you sit back and enjoy what release groups like ESiR have to offer. If only you could network it to your computer à la Apple TV or Xbox Media Center. Next time, Helios.

Product Page [Helios via Electronista]