Motorola Looking to Turn it Around

motorola.JPGMotorola has vowed to return to profitability, win back customers from Samsung and most importantly sell new phones reports Bloomberg. The company, which as we reported earlier this week, has reported a second-quarter loss of $28 million, but yesterday forecast that its mobile-device unit will make a turn around this quarter and next.

Even with new and upcoming mobile handsets that focus on music and camera functionality to take on Apple’s iPhone, Motorola has its work cut out. But already phones such as the Razr 2, which arrived on June 29, and the Rizr Z8, which has arrived in Europe, are spurring interest. But whether this be enough still needs to be seen. With the iPhone and a number of new handsets from Samsung and LG on the way, consumers certainly have a lot of choices.

Motorola Predicts Turnaround for Mobile Phone Unit