iPhone Toolchain Created: Hello World

This is not the iPhone “Hello World” App

NightWatch at the Free iPhone project has compiled and run the first “Hello World” application for the iPhone, a move that could mean homebrew and third party apps for the iPhone in the next few weeks. They keep saying their server is too slow to handle lots of linking, so we won’t link. Just look for “Toolchain_Project iphone” in Google and you’ll find it.

They say:

The iphone-binutils project has now correctly assembled and linked Hello World, using entirely free software. The resulting binary runs correctly on the iPhone. Please try to compile bugs and send them to Patrick Walton/Nightwatch, the lead developer and maintainer of the toolchain, now that it’s useful for something. In the spirit of open source, it’s not by any means required, but he’d appreciate it if credit was given if you happen to develop some awesome hack using the toolchain.