The Ten Hardest PC Games Of All Time

While browsing Phillyist today, I came across a rather good article on the ten hardest PC games of all time. It’s a no-brainer that there are plenty of tough games out there. I mean, anyone who played the puzzle games from Sierra (King’s Quest, Space Quest, Island of Dr. Brain) knows how frustrating some of the puzzles in those titles can be.

Custom PC tends to side with a pretty random batch of games though. At first glance, you’d kind of chuckle over how Final Doom and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas are considered hard games. You know Doom was easy as pie, so why would Final Doom be any harder? I’ll tell you why. Hit the play button on the above video. Whoops! OK, totally forgot how hard that series was. Check out the whole list. I think you’ll all be shocked and pleasantly surprised by the #1 choice.

The 10 Hardest PC Games [Custom PC via Phillyist]