SendMe Launches Online to Mobile Game

solow.jpgToday SendMe, a provider of direct-to-consumer mobile entertainment, announced the launch of SoLow, an online to mobile game that has players compete to get down to the bottom. Users can place free bids for prizes, enter a sweepstakes, and in a unique twist the lowest unique bid wins.

“The concept behind SoLow has exploded elsewhere in the world with hundreds of thousands of players,” said Russell Klein, co-founder and CEO of SendMe. “SoLow is leading the way in the U.S. by bringing consumers something new, easy and fun that they can take part in any where, any time. During our beta trial, we found that users loved the sweepstakes so much, the average player bid for our giveaways literally dozens of times.”

While it almost sounds too good to be true, the catch is to have the lowest UNIQUE bid. Thus everyone will try to enter 1 cent for virtually anything, so you need to find that number no one else has picked. And the prizes are actually the sort of thing you might actually enjoy, and include items such as a Nintendo Wii and a Sony Bravia HDTV, or even a vacation to the Florida Keys.

The auctions are free, and while previously available online, SoLow is now letting users send their guesses via text messages. If you have a few minutes to kill why not, you could win a trip or possibly a new TV.