Google Rolling Out Mobile Search for Mobile Content

googmo.jpgUsers of mobile browsers are often at odds with the search features mobile search engines employ. While the search engine itself is adapted well to the small screens and bandwidths of mobile phones, the results often are not. Yahoo! has had some luck with adding a “Search Mobile Web” option to its search results, but has yet to come out with a dedicated utility. Google is filling this hole shortly with its own Google Mobile Search site.

Besides just re-formatting the results pages, the Google search would prioritize those pages that content creators have optimized for mobile devices. This means that users of the search site can get their content both ways.

Google keeps rolling out mobile services now as it did browser features a few years ago. And if they keep up this rate of production, it’ll likely take over the mobile space much the same was as it did the search space, which is a good thing.

Google Preparing Mobile Focused Search Site [That Other Site]