Nokia's DVB-H Mobile TV Standard Gets EU Blessing, Market Poised to Finally Materialize


Mobile TV is still FUBAR here, but over in Europe and Korea (especially Korea) it’s in much better shape. And now that the EU has backed a single standard for mobile TV there—one supported by Nokia—its prospects are looking better and better. The EU has given its blessing to DVB-H, which, while annoying proponents of other standards such as Qualcomm, should kick start the industry. I can’t wait to watch ZDF on my Nokia SuperFone++ on the metro after an all night Europop concert…

“Pundits,” of which I only to pretend to be during the week, are likening this to when GSM was crowned as Europe’s default wireless standard. I’m still skeptical about people’s willingness to watch mobile TV on some tiny screen. But maybe that’s because I’m American and I demand that my TV be huge.

EU backs Nokia-led mobile TV standard [Reuters]