What's Your Favorite Facebook App?


Facebook and I are no longer on speaking terms, but these kids today sure do love them some Facebook Apps. There’s gotta be two, maybe three Apps by now, and Wired would like to know—for reasons unknown—what are your favoritest. Right now, the Google Reader Shared Items App is in the lead with 29 yeas and 14 nays. The least popular is Shelfari, which tells your friends what your reading. Seeing as though most of the most popular books on Facebook are straight off the high school required reading list, I’d say that reading isn’t exactly a popular pastime with the Facebook crowd. I guess they’re too busy posting “wild” and “crazy” photos.

If I could design an App, I’d make one keep a tally of how many off color, borderline inappropriate jokes are made in the CrunchGear chat room every day. It’s gotta be like four or five a day, max. I swear.

Vote: Facebook’s Most Indispensable App [Compiler – Wird Blogs]