TeleNav "Share Your Location" Contest Winners

Hey folks, back on July 6 we wrapped up a contest for TeleNav’s GPS Navigator service awarding two lucky readers a Bluetooth GPS receiver and 3 months of TeleNav service. People entered. We picked winners. And then we promptly forgot to ever mention the winners. Our bad.

As you may recall, the contest involved coming up with a creative way to use the service’s location-sharing features. Winner #1 was Rob D. who participated in a cross-country race on scooters last year and believed TeleNav would’ve been perfect to keep tabs on the 30 or so people involved.

Having this service would have allowed other people to see the 30 of us stretched out across the country, who was in the lead, who was last, etc. Also, if someone were to break down, they would be easier to find, which could be life saving if someone were stuck on the side of the road at night.

Winner #2 was Shayna F. who suggested using the service for one of our favorite pastimes at CG: Sticking it to the man!

Spare the masses one more “boycott big oil and don’t buy gas on XX day!” spam err email; let’s all share our locations and price of gas and start a revolution!

Thanks to everyone who participated and to TeleNav for the prizes. Now, check out our new contest.