Analyst Says iPhone Not Yet Competing with RIM

Scott Karp from Publishing 2.0 and Seeking Alpha recently spoke at a conference where no one had an iPhone. That’s right, businessmen in their 40-somethings still don’t have an iPhone and probably don’t give a damn. You see, in the business world, RIM still reigns king. If you sit down and take a look at both the latest Blackberry and the iPhone, you’ll see that they’re two entirely different devices.

Thought the iPhone lacks 3G and BES support, Karp says it’s still worth all the praise it has gotten. After all, instead of diverting attention to the business sector, Apple instead focused on emerging and newer technologies to make one of the coolest phones ever. In the end, it basically boils down to a corned beef sandwich and the cole slaw. Both food, you know the corned beef is going to taste better despite it costing extra.

As for the picture you see to your right, who cares what phone that guy is using. He looks like he just won big in divorce court.

Apple’s iPhone Not Yet Competing With RIM’s Blackberry [Seeking Alpha]