PayPal Mobile Checkout Lets You Pay While On the Go

paypal.jpgAs a frequent traveler, and eBay addict I’ve been faced with a small problem. I can watch the auctions for those rare vintage maps, international DVDs and other “junk” that fills my apartment from my mobile phone. I can even place bids for the items. But paying for the stuff was a pain. And many sellers have strange, and even demanding rules on how quickly they want to be paid. If I’m home I’m using checking out 30 seconds after an item ends, but when I’m on the road I’m panicking to get to a PC.

But the auction gods have answered my prayers! PayPal announced this week the launch of Mobile Checkout, a service that will allow users in the U.S., the U.K. and Canada to buy items securely using the mobile Web! PayPal Mobile works like the traditional payment and you can use a credit card or direct transfer from a bank to pay for auctions or other items. I suppose you could even pay back that $10 you owe your buddy, as you now have no excuse for not having the cash in your wallet!

[Via GPShopper News]