CrunchGear Budapest Meet-up Update

As much as I’d like to supply some confirmation or good news right now, I’m sad to say that I can’t confirm the date, location, or time of our upcoming meet-up. It WILL happen. I just can’t say when.

Why? Because the postal service sucks. In order to save a few bucks — so I could maybe buy some beers for you guys — I had Matt send the iPhone 3-5 Day Express with the USPS. Bad idea. Now we’re going to have to wait patiently until the USPS interfaces with the Polish postal service and finally wait until the mailman’s horsedrawn buggy rolls up the cobblestone streets to the front door here in Warsaw. That said, if it comes today, I’ll book my trip for next Tues or Weds. If it doesn’t come today I’ll have to hang back and maybe do it on Weds or Thurs. It will happen. Promise.