Boss to Employee: Be My Facebook Friend… or Else…

Friends forever

We meet again, Facebook. I won’t be ranting and raving like an old man trying to return soup at a deli ($1 to the Seinfeld writers, and to my misguided youth) today, however. No, for today we look at perhaps the last workplace taboo: being online friends. It’s quite the dilemma. Let’s say your boss friends you, right, and you’re all, Oh, jeez, what do I do now? Accept the friendship and he’ll have access to all those photos of you doing unseemly things. On the other hand, reject the friendship and you’ve very possibly ruined any chances of you having a career. For the record, we’re all Facebook friends here at The CG, except for Vince and Josh. Vince is too busying DJing and Josh is… well, that’s better left unsaid.

Back in The Day, I employed a clever little trick called the pocket veto when I wanted to avoid Facebook friendships. You don’t actually click “decline friendship” or invitation or whatever, but just let the invite fester in Facebook Purgatory. Just leave it there until everyone has forgotten about it. The pocket veto.

OMG — My Boss Wants to ‘Friend’ Me On My Online Profile [Wall Street Journal via Gawker]