Amazon Unbox Now Available Through Your TiVo

tivounbox.jpgThe biggest downside to Amazon’s Unbox service for TiVo—other than the painfully slow download times and the inability to start playing a video while it’s still downloading—is that you have to go to your computer to order a download to use on your TiVo. Today, Amazon and TiVo announced that this is no longer necessary, as you can now rent or buy Unbox videos directly through your TiVo interface.

You’ll need to setup a personal identification number, or PIN, to enter each time you make an Unbox purchase from your TiVo DVR (you know, to keep the kids from slowly loading up your hard drive with crap). Then, on your TiVo go to “TiVo Central” and select “Find Programs,” “Download TV & Movies,” then “Amazon Unbox.”