AMD's Two TV-tuning Wonder Dongles


AMD is going to turn your world upside down by transforming your PC into a home theater bursting with features. The introduction of two ATI TV Wonder USB dongles will convert your PC or laptop into a DVR for your HD content.

The TV Wonder 650 Combo PCIe gives you the ability to record your cable and local broadcasting while also boasting the ability to record QAM stations via ClearQAM tuning if you want to say “buh-bye” to your cable box (assuming your cable provider supports such an activity.” The 650 also gives you the option of recording digital TV programming while simultaneously watching or recording analog TV channels.

The TV Wonder 600 USB package works across multiple platforms via the A/V-input adapter to record video from your VCR (what’s that?) and camcorder. It does include a credit card-sized IR remote and who doesn’t need another thing to lose in the couch cushions?


I’m sure both will work fantastically (or that’s at least what I read in the press release) and for those currently using or thinking about using their PC or laptop as a media hub then take notice, for this might make your life easier. Both will be released in September.

Press Release