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Hit the link for a series of CrunchDunce winners. Come on people CAPS ain’t cool.

shelbinator won first with his comment on stupid teenagers.

Egad, if the car of choice is a boxy clown-car like that, I’d think a teenager with taste would be more impressed with a new orthodontic retainer, or maybe a bitchin’ visible scar.

Henry explained why the iPhone has a recessed headphone jack.

I believe Phil is correct. Haven’t you guys realized the inherent mechanical weakness of the eighth inch plug standard. They break all of the time due to cyclic side loading. Everyone complaining about design oversight is really illustrating their lack of experience in any sort of mechanical design. Kudos to Apple for addressing this common failure mode.

Bruce Hamilton told us about his experience with the Belkin Network USB Hub.

Went crazy trying to get a normal print server to work, 7 hours on my day off, turned out it wasn’t compatible with my printer… In an effort to avoid a repeat, I gave the hub a try and it works like a champ. So easy, no IP addresses, no WEP/WAP-PSK codes to mess with since the wireless router and laptops are already coded and the Hub plugs directly into the router. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to share a printer or other USB device over multiple computers. So easy I think I could talk my mom through the process over the phone.

And now it’s time for your daily CrunchDunce winners. For a while it seemed like they would never come back, but alas, they did. Yep, these folks aren’t the sharpest spoons in the knife drawer and that is why we honor them.

andrew has an intimate understanding of the English language.

Y dn’t you just cry about it……………..Who Cares it’s a game…..Look At metal of horror , and other games like that if u want to cry.

The CG team spends hours upon hours playing Metal of Horror. Great game.

teaunna‘s comment was in all caps. Beautiful

i think myspace for kids is awosme because my mom will not let me have a myspace.

Maybe your mom shouldn’t let you have a computer either…

megan‘s comment was also in caps. Sigh.

i love you shia labeouf your so hot and i love you!!!!!!! you were great in transformers and funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love u

Maybe readily available internet access isn’t such a good idea.

And finally Dustin had strong thoughts regarding the computer.

u guys are retarted thinking consoles are better then computers….computer makes the console….where do u think everything comes from? ur just stupid and only look at bestbuy for you computer stuff….trying looking on ther makers websites…they have graphics card that are like 10 times bigger in gram then any console…and all consoles dont have hardly any ram in them

Reading these was just painful. But that’s what we do for your entertainment dear readers. Seriously, you do not want to be like these people.