The comments today were thinner than my patience with Paris Hilton, but once again we managed to pick 3 which were above the rest. Also you guys can send an email to commenter at crunchgear dot com with your name, password, and email address in the subject line. If you haven’t done it already. Doing that will set you up with an awesome commenting account which will make you slightly more special than the other readers. Huzzah!

Anyway, heres the 3 comments. Enjoy.

Laura proved that there are actually real girl gamers. (We have a female readership?)

Thanks for the write-up. It’s useful and I’ll use it as a checklist next time.

The first LAN I went to was near the end of last year with a couple of guys from our brother school, but have hosted three or four of my own since, with my sister and good friends from school. :) We have a nice big double-story house with large rooms which is perfect.

My mother is also planning to turn one of the store-rooms into a computer/TV lounge (and get more power points put in :) ), and is saying “We’ll put more desk space in here so that you can LAN when you want to…” :D

Just to let you know that girls LAN too! ;)

Matt landed 2nd after listing some kick ass songs.

i would love to see these songs on guitar hero three……

Dream on- Aero Smith
Money Talks- Acdc
Guerilla Radio-Rage against the Machine
Welcome to The Jungle- Guns and Roses
Cazytrain-Ozzy Ozborn
Enter Sandman- Matellica
Cocaine- Eric Clappton
Another One Bites the Dust- Queen
Last Resort- Popa Rochie

Brian Moran gave us some cool feedback on high tech fishing gear.

Nice roundup. While I have a Garmin 178c, Lowrance is looking pretty good nowadays with incorporating all sorts of data into the main display.

Not sure if any of units on the market can store the gathered ‘fish information’ and automatically overlay it on the map, and the removable storage card (for later retrieval/review). That’d be a nice way to remember where you marked fish, and gather fin-telligence for the next trip.