Rumor: New Santa Rosa-Based iMacs Set for August Launch


Those iMacs set to drop next month we told you about back in June appear to be on track. Think Secret’s sources put them at an August release, which lines up nicely with what our own sources are saying, so barring some unforeseen shipping or manufacturing problem, look for them in a little over a month.

The new iMacs will share a similar general shape as the current line, but will lose the iconic white plastic for a brushed metal shell. In addition, the much-maligned “chin” at the bottom will shrink significantly from Jay Leno sizes to more pleasing Bruce Campebll proportions. Your iSight will likely be of the newer 1.3-Megapixel variety. The case itself will be slimmer and more square at just 2 inches thick.

But inside you’ll find the latest Santa Rosa chipsets from Intel, which is what’s really different about the new Macs. The current line of MacBook Pros use the fast platform, so it’s a no-brainer to see the upgrade here. Even cooler is that the 17-inch entry level model will be dropped, meaning the smallest-screen you can get in an iMac would be 20 inches, and at probably something just over the current $999 price point. We’re wagering it’ll drop at $1,199, which is still a perfect price when you consider how much you get.

The high-end will max out at 24-inches and 2.4GHz, just a little faster clock-wise as the current batch, but with a more robust chipset. And look for a free upgrade to Leopard coupon as well.

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