The $50 Paint Job For Your Vehicle

Hard to believe $50 did this

You’ll find that after a 1993 Honda Civic hits your car door, you may require a new paint job. Too bad that a really good paint job costs way more than you want to spend. You could go to Maaco on the cheap, but that’s still way out of your league. You my friend, need a $50 paint job.

Armed with a bunch of Rustoleum-brand spraypaint and some brushes and rollers, Rick Wrench set out to paint his old 1966 Corvair with off-the-shelf spraypaint. Bad move, right? Guess again, ’cause Rick’s Corvair is looking like a top showcar and several months later it’s still got the shine. I wouldn’t recommend cheaping out if you have a Benz or any luxury car, but if you’re a broke college student trying to fix up that 1991 Volvo 740, then I say go for it.

50 Dollar Paint [ via Autoblog]