MPAA Caught Red-Handed in Sting: Durn Them Duke Boys!

I know this spread like wildfire last night, but it’s pretty funny. The MPAA hired a company, MediaDefender, to stop piracy. How did they do it? Through a fake video download site called MiiVi, a red hot download site full of red hot videos. The catch? It makes you download spyware that reports back on stolen video found on your computer. What a treat!

How did the world find out about the ruse? The morons used their own name and address to register the domain.

I’ve said it once and I’ve said it again — these ham-handed efforts are so disgustingly transparent and foolish that it reflects poorly on an industry that has, thus far, acted like a bucket of morons. I love me some movies and I buy me some movies on iTunes, but this is like watching Gargamel trying to squash the Smurfs and it just makes me want to download some red hot movies.

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