Helio And YouTube Get Official And A Whole Lot More


We were the first to tell you about the upgrade to Helio UP last week and now we have a few more ‘official’ deets for all the Helio subscribers. YouTube Mobile is now free for Helio All-In members. It took some bitching and moaning from customers, but it happened. Of course data charges still apply for A La Carte memberships. You can’t win ’em all. Besides, you’re getting YouTube for FREE! As you already know, your video and photo content can be synced with YouTube and Flickr, but you have no idea how easy it is. Once your Helio UP account is linked to your YouTube and Flickr accounts everything you snap or vid automatically get posted. It’s so easy, right? It gets even better because in the next few months a YouTube dedicated application will be launched with features that you can only find on Helio. That’s saucy. Don’t go anywhere. I’m not done, yet.

MySpace Mobile 2 has also been launched, which is a dedicated application you’ll only find on Helio because T-Mobile is a few years behind the game. MM 2.0 is exactly what party animals like Lindsay Lohan need when they’re slutting gallivanting around LA. When they take pictures of themselves wielding knives, skiing, and whatever else it is that spoiled brats do then they can post those pics immediately via a MySpace bulletin without the hassle of hosting the picture somewhere else. Oh, Helio, I’m falling pretty hard for you.