Sony VAIO WA1 Wireless Music Streamer


I guess it’s wireless boom box Thursday here at The CG, what with Parrot’s PARTYand now the Sony VAIO WA1. This little guy works in tandem with your PC and/or Wi-Fi network to spread nothing but house music’s most memorable beats. Sony’s probably thinking that people don’t really want to listen to music on their computer’s crappy speakers nor do they want to string miles of speaker cable along the floor. Like I said, the WA1 can either piggyback your Wi-Fi network, combing it for playable music, or you can use the included USB wireless dongle. Both accomplish the same task: wireless music all over the house.

The WA1 supports all the standard music formats and has 128MB of on-board RAM for local music storage. I’m more of a huge audio system kinda guy (well, theoretically) but walking around in a cloud of music is always, um, neat. $350 neat? Well…

Sony’s wireless streaming boombox: the wi-fi hi-fi [Gizmag]