Interview: David Clayman, Third In line

Here is a brief interview CG got with with David Clayman, 21, who has jumped in front of the public eye along with the three other people on the iPhone line at the 5th Avenue Apple store.

Surprisingly, these people aren’t the crazed Apple fanboys everyone made them out to be. In fact, for David here, the event was more about the experience.

CG: What made you decide to wait in line, especially so far in advance?

David: “The decision process was complicated, I’m actually on vacation. Yesterday [6/25/07] my friend Jessica and I were supposed to meet up and visit Central Park. I was waiting for her at the Apple store when I saw two guys sitting outside. I went over and spoke to both of them and they turned out to be amazing people. I spoke with [1st in line] and he told me about his early retirement and how he has seen most of the world. I was amazed. I wanted to meet more people like this.”

CG: So this is more for the experience, and not the actual product?

David: Yes, I mean I have met people from all walks of life. People stop and talk, and everyone is very friendly. I’ve really been enjoying my time here. I’ve even been entertained by bands like The Fray and Kelly Clarkson, which I would normally have to pay money to see. I think that’s a nice bonus.

CG: What do you plan on doing when you get the iPhone, tearing it out of the box?

David: Actually, the first iPhone I get I’m donating to the Taproot Foundation and if we are allowed to buy more, I am going to buy one for my dad.

CG: That’s very noble of you, anything else you’d like to add?

David: Someone asked me if Kate Beckinsale came up to me and offered me $5,000 for the iPhone would I do it? I said yes I would, and then I would put the money towards a charitable cause. I’m sure she can find it cheaper somewhere else though.

If you want to read up more on David’s experience, check out his blog where he chronicles the whole event iphoneadventure.

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