Samsung SGH-F210: Sexy AND Small

Though it could be a few million years before we see this Samsung cellie hit US shores, it’s still a hella cool phone with some radical design. The SGH-F210 was unveiled in CommunicAsia this week and the response has been phenomenal. It sort of looks like one of the newer Sony Walkman MP3 players on the market, except much more badass. Features in this small package include tri-band GSM, a 2-megapixel camera (nice!), a 262k-color 1.46-inch LCD, media player with MP3/ACC/ACC+/eACC+/WMA support, and 1GB internal memory with a microSD-slot for expansion.

Oh yeah, and Bluetooth was somehow crammed into the package before they sealed the deal. How Bluetooth and a 2-megapixel camera were crammed into such a small phone is beyond me, but props to Samsung for sure. Check out a pic after the jump to see how the display slides to reveal a small numpad for dialing.

Samsung SGH-F210 Music Phone spotted at CommunicAsia [Gizmodiva]