Boingo Wireless Offers Unlimited WiFi Plan

Surely if you’ve ever traveled by plane with a laptop, you’ve used Boingo Wireless. Quite a few airports in the US uses Boingo for WiFi and shelling out $7.95 each time for access isn’t very fun. So to retain more customers and to please the masses, Boingo Wireless is rolling out a new plan today. For $39 a month, you’ll be able to connect to any WiFi spot operated by Boingo.

With more than 100,000 hotspots worldwide, this is definitely a great deal for those who travel once or twice a week. After a month of use, it basically pays for itself. The move comes as more and more WiFi providers have started offering flat-rate fees and improved access. Plus, with Philadelphia and San Francisco offering citywide networks soon, companies are forced to become extremely competitive. If Boingo had more hotspots in the US, I’d be tempted to try this out for a while.

Lower prices ahead for Wi-Fi access? [IHT]