Hey kids, time to pick out another trio of our most awesome readers. The comments are getting better and better, thanks everyone!

Sascha seems to be a newcomer on the commenting circuit and a welcomed one at that. Grammatically correct, interesting comments always deserve the first spot.

This sucks.

What is the problem with revealing actual details on pricing/contracts now? It’s not a secret device anymore, and there are people like me who would actually base their buying decision on the kind of plans that are being offered with it.

Also, this is not like the Xbox360 or PS3 launch (or Wii for that matter), where it’s pretty clear what you are getting at the point you are lined up for purchase. I don’t want to stand in line at the AT&T store at 6pm and then hear that the data plan will cost me $99 per month.

What’s next? New cars will be announced but people won’t actually know what kind of engine or interior it has until they sign the check?

There is a line between creating unnecessary hype around a product and being plain ridiculous.

In second place Eric explains to us why although the iPhone might not only be a technological marvel, but will inspire other companies to do their best to compete.

See, this is what makes Apple great. Not just that they make cool products of high industrial design that work well. They push others, of out of nothing more than shame, to whip their products into shape.

Sure most of the results are pale imitations of the original. But in the end the whole computer industry benefits as other computer/software makers improve their products out of shame for their shoddy design and user-unfriendly features. Now Apple is doing it for the mobile phone world too!

Everybody wins. Especially iPhone user.

As someone who admittedly loves to tweak our “tail wag the dog” IT departments – who decries the iPhone’s security compromises, all the while distributing Windows to the masses in an ironic lack of awareness of the inherent hypocrisy of such a claim, I look forward to CEOs falling in love with the iPhone and making IT people everywhere come up with a way to shoe-horn another platform that uses a real OS into the mix.

We really do all win – outside of IT anyway.

And last but not least Cosmic‘s take on the iPod shuffle put him in the last slot. Well, not really. You’re tied for second!

I’d much rather have a screen, FM tuner, voice recorder, and $20 in my pocket than a clip.

The “shuffle segment” is probably the smallest slice of the DAP market, but at this point I think we can conclusively say Apple has been blown away in that category. They may have mostly imitators and also-rans competing against the Nano and full iPods, but against offerings from Creative and Sansa (among others) the shuffle is now barely worth considering. And if you don’t have an iTunes leash or an odd clip fetish like Nicholas, it’s not really worth considering at all.

Today we thought we would add something special. Every once in a while a reader comes along who truly understands the immense amount of talent it requires to sit on your ass all day and check feeds. Paul G is that reader.

Blogging should really be left to the professionals. :)

Until next time!