Helio Officially Lands In NYC

It’s finally here! After months of waiting, the NYC Helio Flagship store officially opened its doors for business. I took a quick peek around and it’s definitely not 100 percent done, so consider this a ‘soft launch’. That’s not to say there are paint buckets and scaffolding strewn about the store. Some of the art work is missing and a few other things here and there, but you wouldn’t know it unless someone told you. Bloops, did I do that? The crew is super nice and helpful, so stop on by and say hello. A little birdie also told me a new device will be launching towards the end of the Summer. If the evolution of Helio devices is any indication of things to come then something really hot is going to drop. I can’t wait! More pics after the jump.


The lounge area where you can hang out, surf the interwebs and receive some customer care lovin’ from the Helio crew. I’ll be taking naps here during the day.


Some of the artwork that’s already setup. There’s more to come plus a few pieces from Kid Robot. The artwork that’s already included in the store and the whole vibe of the place fits in perfectly with the neighborhood.


The Drift and Heat on display with a nice plasma pumping out videos and virtual walkthroughs of the available Helio devices.


Helio’s answer to Apple’s Genuis Bar. This is where you’ll go for a Q&A session with tech support. So saddle up!


Need a case or Bluetooth headset? All your accessory needs can be handled right in the store.