Electronics Retailers Owned By Burglars

Seems over in Tulsa, OK, burglaries are all the rage. Local electronics retailers like Best Buy and Office Depot have been hit by precision robbers who leave no evidence or fingerprints behind whatsoever. According to the report, the thieves hit up a local Best Buy by cutting holes in the roof, entering the store on rope lines, and disabling the security system. They then ransacked the place of tons of laptops, plasma TVs, and even stole the store’s safe.

These high-tech robbers have also tunneled into jewelry stores and stolen 5000 pound safes according to Police. Apparently they have all the merchandise already sold so that they can just get rid of it extremely quickly. Not a single item has been recovered to this day and if they keep up at this rate, it looks like a lot more gadgets will end up missing from store shelves.

Professional Burglary Ring On The Loose [KOTV 6]