Verizon To Offer Mobile Payments

Slowly, mobile payments are starting to creep their way into the US. Though foreign countries tend to use the service more, the US will eventually catch on when we all realize that paying your bills while out and about can be easy. Verizon has now announced that it will be using Obopay’s service to allow customers to send mobile payments to each other and stores by using their cellphone.

The service will allow customers to walk into participating stores and pay for items by waving a cellphone in front of a register. Both prepay and billing options will be available, with MasterCard getting in on the prepay deal. Though convenient, don’t expect to be paying for a Snickers Bar at the 7-11 anytime soon. A lot more stores need to participate in the program before Verizon and Obopay’s plan can be effective. At this time, Verizon has yet to announce how much the service will cost.

Verizon to offer mobile payments with Obopay [Reuters]