M-Audio's Torq Xponent: The Complete Computer-Based DJ System


Vince and I love everything Torq-releated because we’re budding DJs. The latest Torq DJ system, the Xponenet from M-Audio, looks pretty amazing just based on the number of buttons and dials it has. Its price—$750—does preclude me from partaking, however. Like its smaller X Session Pro cousin, the Xponent is a computer-based DJ system that uses some pretty impressive software to make creating your own mixes fairly easy. The Xponent, though, is meant more for professionals and is supposed to bridge “the gap between traditional DJ hardware and today’s powerful performance software once and for all.”

Basically, Xponent is a fuller, more professional version of the MixLab, a product I use every week more than a few times. Lower the price by, well, a lot, and I’d be all over it.

Product Page [M-Audio via MacNN]