Declick Your Clicks With The Declicker From ELP

If you’re gonna digitize a large vinyl record collection, you might maybe wanna check out the declicker. Built by the same people that make that $9,900 LT-1LRC Laser Turntable, the ELP declicker, um, removes the clicks and background noise (but you’re stuck with the hiss) from a record in real-time without the need to manually clean tracks up on a computer. It also transfers the analog content from the records and coverts them to CD or MP3.

It’s optimized for reducing the noise on 33rpm and 45rpm records, but not 78rpm records. That is to say it will improve 78s, but not as much as 33s and 45s. And you better be pretty serious about cleaning up your analog audio, too: The ELP declicker sells for $2,500.