Alltel and Mobile Complete Launch Virtual Testing Lab

completealltel.jpgToday Alltel and Mobile Complete announced the launch of the Alltel Virtual Developer Lab, a new remote testing service, which gives developers Mobile Complete’s remote handset and access technology. This allows real-time access to phones on the Alltel CDMA network, and now the entire development community can interact with these devices just as if the phones were physically in their hands.

“The launch of the new remote testing service, reinforces our commitment to support all facets of the product development process, said Wade McGill, senior vice president of wireless products for Alltel. “Access to the most advanced mobile phones and the ability to communicate and share information among developers is crucial to the development and delivery of quality mobile content.”

Benefits for developers including global service that is available 27/7, as well as removing the need to ship phone for firmware updates, and opportunities for greater collaboration. Mobile phones have already helped connect people and now this technology looks like it will help mobile developers!

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