You Could Be So Much Better, Opera

Hey Opera, is your marketing dude freebasing crack-cocaine? Are you sure he’s not? Because I was convinced he was after watching this particular video on your website. I don’t hate you or anything. In fact, I enjoy your Opera Mini browser. But your desktop counterpart leaves much to be desired. That aside, why in hell are you comparing Opera Mini to the iPhone?

The iPhone is a piece of hardware, your product is a piece of software. It’s like me bashing on a can of baked beans because it doesn’t browse the web on every phone. It makes about as much sense as Colts trading Peyton Manning for the homeless dude down by the bus terminal. Instead of bashing on Apple and the iPhone, why not pick on someone your own size? I’m serious. Bash on other mobile web browsers and highlight the awesome features your product has. Now because you’ve done something stupid like this, I’m not sure if I’ll be using your browser again. Tsk, tsk.

Oh, and the Opera 4 Mini beta is available for download now.

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Video bashing iPhone from Opera