YouTube Mobile

youtube.jpgYouTube is enough of a time killer on the Web, now you can access a selection of the popular video-sharing site’s videos via the Mobile Web. YouTube Mobile is available on handsets capable of playing back .3gp video. A data plan is also required. The first time you log on to you’ll get the message, “YouTube Mobile is a data intensive application. We highly recommend that you upgrade to an unlimited data plan with your mobile service provider to avoid additional charges.” Is it possible YouTube’s boiler plate advisory to upgrade to an unlimited data plan will upsell subscriptions? When Coca-Cola launched its Sprite Yard mobile social networking site, it said subscribers would upgrade to larger data plans in order to take part in the Yard.

Last100 has a review of YouTube Mobile. It mentions the videos available on the mobile platform are a selection of those most popular, and others hand-picked by the YouTube team.

Property-by-property, Google is bringing its fixed Web services over to the mobile Web. Search, e-mail, maps, and video, among other properties, are available for mobile consumption.

[Via Last 100]