Everything You Wanted to Know About the Sprint Mogul But Were Afraid to Ask

jkotr_mme_34_htc_mogul_2.jpgDear blogosphere: I’ve been doing this for a few years now and I’ve come across a few choice nuggets of wisdom. Example? Hire as many drunks as you can, ensuring that you can control your employees by inviting them to press events. Another tip? Unless you are really fun to watch, limit your video reviews to 2 minutes or less. Even my majestic visage is unacceptable in large doses. That said, JKOntheRun’s 21-minute magnum opus on the Sprint Mogul is about 20 minutes too long but it is cool to see this darn thing in the wild. I’d suggest you fast forward to the close ups and then go watch some TehVids.

First look at Sprint HTC Mogul [JKOntheRun]